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Pulse Youth Ministries is the teen ministry of First Baptist Church in Freeport, IL.
We strive to reach out to 7-12th grade students to joyfully teach them the Good News (Mark 16:15) and to humbly display God’s genuine love (1 Cor. 13) in everything we do
– this is our main focus; this is our ultimate goal –

to enjoy and glorify the one true Triune God forever.

Incorporated into our goal, we like to have fun! That’s why we host a wide range of engaging events throughout the year.

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Pulse Youth Ministries values your teen’s safety

To provide the safest environment possible for everyone at Pulse, anyone who attends Pulse or any of its events must have a permission slip filled out by a legal guardian. Thank you for understanding that we value each student’s safety and well-being. You can download and print the form from here.


So, you’re looking to learn a little bit more about Pulse huh?
You’ve come to the right place.
Below you will find everything you need to know about us.
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When: Mondays 6:30pm-8pm
Where: 413 W. Empire St. Freeport, IL @ First Baptist Church
Who: Anyone in 7th-12 grade (permission slips needed)
Why: Why not?

Pulse Youth Ministries is the teen youth ministry of First Baptist Church in Freeport, IL that focuses on 7th – 12th grade students.

The mission of our group is to present Biblically based messages and have heart-to-heart, real-life Q&A moments to ensure that no one is left behind or struggling in their faith or knowledge of God and His Word.

Our vision, as a Christian organization, is to teach teenagers about the one true Triune God – one God existing in 3 persons: Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit… in that they may form a solid foundation for their lives and continuously grow in relationship with God for His glory and their good. By doing so, we pray that God will work in their lives and through them, not only for their benefit, but also for those they surround themselves with.

Our goal is to glorify God in all that we do and to make His name known.

Have Fun

Who says that ministries of the church have to be boring? We are bringing life to teen ministry!

Reach the Lost

It is essential for any teen ministry to contact the lost and dying world in order to point them back to Christ!

Build Relationships

Connecting with students & pointing them to Christ.

Empower Leaders

Building up teens to be leaders. Integrating faith & life.

Your Turn

Encourage personal responsibility in discovering and accepting individual callings and purposes for the glory of God


Looking for event or game ideas? Look no further!
Here’s just a few we have done that are guaranteed to have everyone talking.
Click the game titles below to get details of each game.
View our full calendar of events by clicking on the image below.

Clue Live!

The board game wasn’t much fun for me, as I was an impatient child. Turn a board game into a live-action environment where you are actually IN the game – now that’s fun!

Literally Locked In

Mystery games are my kind of thing – but driving 2 hours & spending $70+ for only 1 hour of fun…no way! Here’s how we brought the action into our church, for less than $30.

Fear Factor

I’ve seen groups do this with pudding, pools, relays and races…but what about eating real bugs? Gross right? Our teens couldn’t get enough bugs to eat!


Remain in the know for all events.
Whether it’s a time change or cancellation – you’ll know right away.


See with your own eyes what we are up to!
Here are some different activities Pulse has hosted for teens.

Pictures coming soon! Stay tuned.


Whether you have a question, comment, prayer request, praise, event idea,
or simply want to say “hi” – we would love to hear from you.